Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Waiting for the room service waiter to arrive

Boss is ready for a private meeting

Trying to find Mister Right Now

Two days with no internet service is maddening

Had no cable tv or internet Sunday and Monday and that was just aweful. The cable company came out early this morning and fixed the problem. The plug in thing inside the cable box at the curb broke off so he replaced it in seconds.

Now I had two days of emails, posts, tweets to catch up on, plus when builds up today. And since I'm at work, it will take awhile to catch up.

In this 21st century, mankind can't handle no cable tv, no internet and no flushing it seems. Somes months back my sewer line broke and until it was fixed I couldn't flush. So flushing was added to the list of what mankind can not do with out anymore.....lol


Get a grip on yourself